CASE STUDY-Live Vehicle Speed Monitoring

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CASE STUDY-Live Vehicle Speed Monitoring

Postby radiomadeeasy » Fri Nov 16, 2012 3:45 pm

LPRS Radio Modules Enable Live Vehicle Speed Monitoring

LPRS, Europe’s leading supplier of short-range radio devices, is providing Swedish Developer with easyRadio wireless modules for a vehicle speed monitoring and recording system.

The system provides wireless connectivity between sensors and data collectors on driver education skidpans to ensure students maintain the correct approach speed during driver training courses. The speed range measurable by the system is wide enough to be used also on racing circuits.

The end system ensures students comply with their test instructions and will indicate differences in final speed depending on braking patterns, vehicle ABS response, onrush speed and more. Wireless connectivity has many cost and convenience advantages for installation on circuits where permanent or cable connectivity is not possible. These include “mobile courses”, such as company courses and special events or use on frozen lakes during winter driving conditions. The system is used by specialist driving instructors and trainers.

CEO of the company comments, “I chose LPRS due to the ease of use, good pricing and the possibility of selecting different operating frequencies. I have since chosen easyRadio for use in other projects due to my satisfaction with these modules. The modules I’ve used so far are ER400TS-02, ER400RS-02 and ER400TRS-02.”

Barry Gillibrand, former MD of LPRS comments,” This is a great example of the strength of easy-Radio. An out-of-the-box and stress-free solution to replacing cable connections with short-range wireless modules. Perfect for temporary or difficult installations and requiring no experience of RF design.”
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