easyRadio, so easy a caveman can do it!

The easyRadio Integrated Controller.

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easyRadio, so easy a caveman can do it!

Postby radiomadeeasy » Tue Feb 09, 2016 11:47 am


The low cost sub-1GHz RF transceiver "eRIC" (easyRadio Integrated Controller), contains the best bits of eRA (easyRadio Advanced) together with exciting new features highlighted in our videos. The easyRadio software optimises performance ensuring modules reach parameters defined in chip specifications.

Video transcript:

Many, many years ago…...............

In the early days……………
Radio modules were difficult to work with.
There was a lot of confusion, poor support, they were difficult to code and suffered quick obsolescence.
So in 2000 we addressed all of these issues and began developing the first easyRadio module.
Out of the box plug & play!
Reduces time to market!
Easiest RF module to use!
We continued the range with development kits, easyRadio Advanced (eRA) and eRIC (easyRadio Integrated Controller).
Today, in eRIC, easyRadio has faster programming, lower power consumption, customisation options, dual band frequencies and secure data transmission.

easyRadio is so easy… even a caveman can do it!

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