The lifespan of radio modules

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The lifespan of radio modules

Postby sandiesharples » Tue Jan 22, 2013 3:20 pm

Do design engineers put the potential lifespan of a radio module near the top of their priority list? In the last 12 months I have become aware of two products becoming obsolete with no direct replacement. This must be quite a concern with so many hopeful new suppliers in the market place -Some will be around for a long time and some will come and go. What are the options?
Dual footprint your design? - Does this make it more costly and time consuming?
Choose a radio module that is from a well known and reputable supplier?- Limits the choice but you would expect good support if anything changed?
Choose the cheapest option and hope for the best? - Perhaps saving money would mean more left in the pot for a potential early re-design.
Choose a supplier that has a basic module format with option of customisation to suit? This seems to imply the supplier is versatile and able to react well to change - would you pay for customisation?
It would be interesting to know how designers prioritise their supplier options.
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