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easyRadio Q&A : No serial comms to RF module via dev board.

PostPosted: Mon Jun 20, 2016 1:06 pm
by radiomadeeasy
Question: “I have just bought another ERIC4-DK and the Demo1 firmware works well but I cannot seem to talk to the modules with the Companion software.
I can open the Com port for each module but cannot talk to them.
I have tried easyRadio Companion versions 3.18 and 4.05 and both do the same?”

Answer: There are 2 possible solutions for this issue.

Solution 1
The gold plated pins around the module are pushed outwards and do not connect firmly to the modules castellated sockets. Push all of the gold pins inwards to make firm connections.



NOTE: When removing the eRIC module do not force the non-soldered side of the gold pin out of its seated socket. Only one end of the gold pin is soldered to the PCB.

Solution 2.
Check that Jumper 1 is not connected. If connected remove jumper as this is only used for OS and firmware updates. Image below shows jumper removed and parked on 1 pin only.