ERA400TRS range

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ERA400TRS range

Postby ChrisR » Wed Jun 05, 2013 3:59 pm

Hi all, :D

A quick question if I may.

I'm looking to extract the very last ounce in terms of range from my two devices, I understand the best bandwidth to use for maximum range is 25Khz (Command B1) I'm sending data packets in slow bursts so the speed of the link is not important to me.

My question is - I gather there are channel "sweet spots" in the transceivers? What channels/frequencies are these at?
My modules are the ERA400TRS, firmware version 3.6.30

Many thanks!
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Re: ERA400TRS range

Postby Antman » Thu Jun 06, 2013 10:35 am

Hi Chris,

The ERA400TRS does not have a specific frequency sweet spot. To achieve the best performance from this module you can change the default bandwidth from 100KHz to 12.5KHz. You do this by sending the ER command ER_CMD#B0 followed by a ACK. You can check if the module has changed to this bandwidth by sending the command ER_CMD#B? which should return B0 (12.5KHz) instead of the default B3 (100KHz).

All we can advise is to check the local environment for interference and use the lowest B0 setting which improves the receiver sensitivity to -117dBm.

Also use a good antenna and a good size ground plane.


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